1. Copy your license file priceactiontoolbar.lic into
    C:\Users\<your name>\Documents\NinjaTrader 8\bin\Custom.

    Make sure the filename is exactly priceactiontoolbar.lic and not priceactiontoolbar(1).lic for example. License File

  2. Go to the Download page and click the button to download the indicator. Import downloaded zip file into NT8 Import

  3. Add new ‘Price Action Toolbar’ indicator to your chart Add indicator


Go to Tools -> Remove NinjaScript Assembly… -> PriceActionToolbar


Just install the new updated zip file as usual and click Yes when asking to replace file.

Drawing Tools

Standard and Third Party Drawing Tools

You can add any standard NinjaTrader drawing tool to your toolbar. Most third party drawing tools should be available too. Inside indicator properties go to section 7. Standard & Third Party Drawing Tools and check any tool you want.

Standard Drawing Tools


Every custom drawing tool included in this toolbar can be triggered with hotkey.
NT8 -> Tools -> Hot Keys


Mouse Wheel Template Switcher

If you have multiple templates for Angled line, Channel, Support Line, Range and Arrows drawing tools, you can quickly switch between them by scrolling after selected your drawing.

Template Switcher

Angled Line

This is our modified version of standard line tool. It combines line, ray and extended line into one single tool.

Right click properties:

Angled Line


This is our modified version of standard trend channel tool. It is easier to draw and to handle.

Right click properties:


Support Line

This is our perfectly horizontal support/resistance line tool.

Right click properties:

Support Line


This is our perfectly horizontal trend channel tool.

Right click properties:


Measured Move

This is our unique measured move tool. It draws 2 equal legs and the end of leg 2 can be horizontally moved/extended. Custom serifs size.

Right click properties:

Measured Move


Ruler tool showing 2 custom Y values (points, ticks, %, $, pips).



4 more arrows, 2 up and 2 down. Custom size and color.



Drawing tool based on default Text tool. Maximum text box width is 250 pixels by default.

You can write multilines notes by simply pressing enter.

If you press Enter twice it will stop writing.

If you want to have multiple line breaks in a row press Alt+Enter.

You can set your own predefined annotations:


Right click properties:



NT8 Buttons

You can hide/show any default NT8 button/selector on your chart toolbar.

NT8 Buttons

Plot Executions

Toggle between:

Plot Executions

Snipping Tool

Run Windows snipping tool. This tool copies the chosen screen area, a window, or the full screen to the clipboard so you can quickly paste it (Ctrl+V) to discord, email, … It works by emulating Win+Shift+S hotkey.


Show/Hide Drawings

This button will hide/show all your drawings.

Hide Drawings

Show/Hide Indicators

This button will hide/show all indicators you might have on your chart (Bollinger Bands, MACD, …) except for the toolbar EMA and tick counter.

Hide Indicators

Show/Hide Specific Indicator

This menu let you hide/show each indicator on your chart independently (except for the toolbar EMA and tick counter).

Hide Each Indicator

Remove All Drawings

This button will remove all your drawings.

Quick Settings

This button will let you set/enable/disable some settings quickly. For more detailed toolbar settings go to NT8 Indicators Properties window.




Display ATR value in points or ticks, you can set custom ATR period (default 21).


Display chart lag measurement, the time difference in seconds between chart time and NT8 time. Based on this indicator.

So if you have 0.356 it means you are lagging 356ms. Please watch it during high volatility because if the value is high (more than 1 or 2 seconds) it maybe be difficult to trade.

Important: You should sync your computer clock with ntp server to get an accurate lag value. Use a program like Time-Sync to do that.

Time Sync


Display time based on your computer clock.

Chart Navigation

These 2 features will allow you to easily navigate through your chart with only your mouse (no hotkey).


Instead of using the default CTRL + left click and drag just do left click and drag (only in fixed scale mode).



Instead of using the default CTRL + UP/DOWN just use your mouse scroll wheel.



Left Margin

Left empty space in pixels before first toolbar button.

Left Margin

Arrows Icons Style

Arrows icons inside toolbar can be styled to: color filled, color outlined, monochrome.

Arrows Icons

Arrows Dropdown Menu

Arrows icons inside toolbar can be grouped into a dropdown menu.

Arrows Menu

Left Click Panning

Enable left click panning feature.

Scroll Wheel Zooming

Enable scroll wheel zooming feature.

Chart Refresh Rate

Let you set a faster maximum chart refresh rate. Based on this indicator.

NT8 hardcoded a maximum chart refresh rate of 250ms or 4 frames per second. You can bypass this limitation and set a faster refresh rate (might be CPU intensive).

Check this video to see a comparison of different refresh rates.

Refresh Rate

Tick Counter - Previous Bar Range

The toolbar comes with an optional tick counter and previous bar size counter.
Go to indicator properties window to customize it.


The toolbar comes with an optional EMA.
This EMA will update on each tick and will be displayed even for current forming bar (contrary to NT8 default EMA).

This feature will hide the bottom left copyright text by adding a rectangle over it the same color as your chart background.
It will not work correctly if you have indicators below your price panel.


Show Date Top Left Corner

Replace the default “Chart” top left title with current date.

Date Corner